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Are you looking to become a sponsor or place a banner ad on our website? is quickly becoming "the" place to connect with an appraiser.  We are climbing the search engine results of most relevant keywords. 


Our rates are very reasonable.  Let us explain how we can help further brand your presence on the Internet.


How Does the Sponsor Program Work?


We offer sponsor pages based on counties within a state.  Currently, and we are working on expanding this, we are offering counties on an exclusive basis to our sponsors.  So if you have a sponsor page for Hartford County, Connecticut, then no other appraiser will own that county with regard to sponsors and the categories that you offer appraisals.


Space is available on a first come first serve basis.  Your business must be licensed and your business must be in good ethical standing.  We only work with quality appraisers.


What Services are Included?


We provide the exclusive county page which covers all towns within the given county.  This page is your page until you wish to terminate the service agreement with us.  There are no long term commitments and you may terminate for any reason at any time. 


The service includes the sponsor page, and the search engine optimization for that page.  For example, if you type in "Property Damage Appraiser in San Bernardino, California", the current sponsor for that page will typically come up #1 or #2 in the Google search results.  If you were to type in a search for a particular town within that county, we generally can attain high search engine ranking for those keyword phrases as well.


We are also working on providing two very important upcoming features.  1) getting your business listed on the Google Local Results.  This is the map area that shows up when you type in a keyword phrase as suggested above.  It will showcase your business telephone number as a client of LPDA.; and 2) proving a toll-free telephone number whereby when that number is dialed, it will ring in the nearest county to where the number is being dialed from.  This will allow us to further market our business nationally and hence drive in business to you. 


We also provide many other online marketing services that can help brand your business online. 


If you are interested in having us further discuss any of these opportunities, please fill out our online form to the right.  Remember, our pages are based on a first come, first service basis.  Bulk county pricing is also available for those who are seeking to own multiple county pages.


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